India’s Top 5 Kids Clothing Brands for 2022

India’s Top 5 Kids Clothing Brands for 2022

Looking for the top Indian brands of children’s clothing? It may be challenging to choose which products are worthwhile investing your time and money in because there are so many brands and alternatives available. The top kids’ apparel brands in India for 2022 are included in this article. These companies continue to be among of the most well-liked options among Indian parents since they provide excellent clothing at affordable pricing. Business People who want to acquire impressive personality can opt for exclusive and designer clothing. You can select latest and branded apparel in order to get effective personality with great style or comfort.  They have become quite demanding among men and women for having a unique fashion statement and impact on others. There are different types of considerations and factors that one should keep in mind while purchasing designer clothing. It is essential for individuals to buy apparel that have durability factor and a combination of style and comfort. In present times, you can contact renowned service providers. There are innumerable stores available providing a huge collection of designer clothing for men, women and kids. Moreover, people can opt for online searching option to find out dependable service providers.

India’s Top 5 Kids Clothing Brands :-

Top brands of kids clothing are available in India which are comfortable and cheapest in range. Although there is a great variety of colors and styles in children’s clothing. There is no shortage of baby apparel companies on the market, but not all of them guarantee quality. Parents also constantly want the best for their children. Knowing your baby’s size is the most crucial consideration when purchasing baby apparel. There are branded children’s clothes in all sizes. Below is a list of brands for children’s clothing in 2022:

List of Brands for Kids Outfits

  • Lilliput
  • Chicco
  • Hopscotch
  • Little Kangaroos
  • Cucumber


Lilliput Kidswear is a New Delhi-based Indian clothing brand that creates garments specifically for children.lilliput stands for an island in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels where the inhabitants are six inches tall.The greatest apparel for your kids is available from the Lilliput baby clothing line. Lilliput believes in offering its consumers premium babywear at affordable pricing. They provide a large selection of fashionable baby clothes in all sizes, including girls’ tights, summer dresses, tops, t-shirts, turtlenecks, pants, shorts, and more. Each piece of clothing created by Lilliput is expertly crafted to be both comfotable and fashionable. They guarantee that the clothing is both environmentally friendly and safe for your baby’s skin.


  • They may be found in both physical and online retailers.
  • Give children a wide array of options.
  • Ensure consumer happiness by offering quality, comfort, affordable prices, fashionable designs, etc.
  • The goods are authentic and faultless.
  • They provide their consumers with a wide selection of fashionable children’s apparel that is both trendy and comfortable. 


Chicco, pronounced [kiko] in Italian, is an international retailer of children’s apparel and toys with manufacturing facilities in China and Italy. It has been operating for 60 years and is currently present in more than 120 nations. Artsana is the owner.


  • Products from Chicco are certified dermatologically evaluated on sensitive skin and undergo safety testing.
  • Ensure consumer happiness by offering quality, comfort, affordable prices, fashionable designs, etc.
  • They provide their consumers with a wide selection of fashionable children’s apparel that is both trendy and comfortable. 


The kidswear line Hopscotch offers a huge selection of outfits for kids for all seasons and events. They have a wide selection of dresses, kurtas, tops, tunics, leggings, and many more. They also provide a particular selection of party wear costumes for baby girls, including elegant frocks and dresses that will make your daughter appear like a dream girl on her big day. They feature a nice selection of summer apparel, winter clothing, and outdoor clothing in the kids’ clothing category. Hopscotch kids wear businesses in India specialise in providing you with a vast selection of footwear, t-shirts, purses, and accessories in addition to clothes.


  • For children, all of their clothing comes in a variety of sizes, colors, styles, patterns, etc.
  • They are renowned for having a cute kids’ line
  • Have enough of children’s clothing on hand.
  • Focus on using premium materials for their uniformly sold clothing across the nation.

Little Kangaroos

Little Kangaroos is an Indian company that sells organic cotton infant clothes that is cosy and incredibly soft. Little Kangaroos employs organic cotton that has been GOTS certified and safe colours while making its clothing to provide your child’s sensitive skin the maximum level of comfort. Little Kangaroos has spent more than ten years growing to become India’s most well-known children’s apparel company. You may pick from a wide selection of baby clothing that are offered at low rates, ranging from newborn baby clothes to kids’ sizes with the most popular styles that the parents like. Additionally, this children’s apparel line provides a selection of kids’ socks, shoes, and accessories.


Baby outfits for boys and girls, newborn baby garments, children’s shoes, socks, and tights are all offered by cucumber-themed apparel companies. “JMD Baby Fashions Pvt Ltd,” the parent firm of the Cucumber brand, uses a direct-to-consumer business approach to provide high-quality goods to customers for considerably less money. For children between the ages of 0-2, 2-4, and 4 years, the company includes three distinct sections. Onesies, inner wear, bodysuits, sleepsuits, swaddles, casual wear, and dressy garments for infants are just a few of the many items of children’s apparel offered by Cucumber. Cucumber offers organic baby garments made of certified cotton for babies with sensitive skin. The brand attempts to offer inexpensive children’s clothing solutions for your infants so you can have the greatest outfits at a reasonable cost. Its cheap and high quality are the reasons for their popularity.


  • They provide a selection of the newest clothing trends.
  • Children’s apparel of the highest caliber is offered at reasonable pricing for parents.
  • They are renowned for producing high-quality goods and guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.
  • Online shopping is simple to access for them.


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